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Our membership is open to adults from diverse backgrounds. The bonds that bring us together are an appreciation of sports and sportsmanship; the desire to meet and share good times with friends in a setting that is unique to paddling; and establish a well-rounded program for adults that helps to instill the values of Respect, Loyalty, Responsibility, Trust, Friendship, Fairness, and Teamwork. We also strive to teach and perpetuate the cultural significance of outrigger canoe paddling and are committed to both our members and the community at large.   When the Membership Committee reviews applications for membership we seek to determine if the candidates understand and share the values and interests that bring us together at Outrigger Hoe Wana’ao.


General athleticism and good physical condition are important.  All paddlers must be competent swimmers.


Race Crew

Our goal is to provide an admissions process that serves members of OHW well and ensures thoughtful and courteous consideration of all candidates for membership.  Outrigger Hoe Wana’ao looks to all of our members to help carry on the spirit and traditions that make OHW a special place for all of us. An important way our members do this is by sponsoring and inviting friends who share our values and interests to join us. Additionally, due to our club location, we are limited to the amount of canoes we have and thereby have a maximum number of members.



·         A candidate for membership requires one sponsor who is a current, eligible member of Outrigger Hoe Wana’ao.


·         Attendance at 60% practices*

·         Participation in at least 50% of races*

·         Payment in full of annual dues

·         10 hours of volunteerism towards OHW 

* other arrangements are at coach's discretion



  • $300 annual dues (calendar year)



Rec Crew

Outrigger Hoe Wana’ao offers one dedicated rec paddle per week.  Rec paddlers may get additional water time as additional practices and paddle times become available.  Prior paddling experience is not required but the sport is demanding. General athleticism and good physical conditioning are important. Rigid coaching will not be provided during rec paddles. This program is open to adults.



  • $200 annual dues (calendar year)


Na'opio (Youth) Race Crew

Through the use of positive encouragement and training, we strive to give youth the opportunity to be the best they desire to be.

Outrigger Hoe Wana'ao is proud to announce the addition of a Na'opio (Youth ages 14-19) race crew in 2018.

Our youth learn the fundamentals of paddling a Hawaiian outrigger canoe including the role of each paddler, canoe care, safety procedures, rigging and stroke techniques. Paddlers learn about teamwork, responsibility, and build trust and self-confidence. 


  • $125 annual dues (calendar year)


Guest Paddlers

We host guest paddlers from near and far who come to San Diego to visit and want to get some water time as well as those who want to try paddling to see if it is something they would like.  Please contact us to make arrangements.  All guest paddlers will need to sign a waiver to paddle.


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